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Sterling silver flatware & Sterling candlesticks

Today common silverware cutlery is made from metals like copper, zinc, or nickel, which is then coated with a very thin layer of stainless steel. Silver is not used as often to produce silverware but an antique piece of silverware and high-end flatware may contain amounts of pure silver. Some silverware is only plated in silver. This is called silver plated flatware and has no silver value. These pieces will be marked as silver plated or as A-1.

How Much Silver is in Sterling Silver Flatware?

If your silver flatware is marked .925 or Sterling that is a good indication that it is real silver. Sterling silver or .925 silver contains 92.5% pure silver.

Some silver flatware will be marked .900 or .800. While this is not sterling silver, it still containes silver: 90% and 80% respectively.

Silver flatware made in the United States before 1850 will most likely not have such a mark, but may be marked with other hallmarks. A piece could be rare and valuable if the silverware contains any unique markings or stamps

What is Sterling Silverware Worth?

Sterling silver faltware is worth at least the value of the silver it contains. The value is the silver is based on silver spot prices. Sterling silver is 92.5% of spot price.

How to Sell Sterling Silver Flatware?

To sell your sterling silverware, bring it to Royal Pawn Chicago. Royal will pay you cash. Or, your can use your sterling silver flatware as collateral for a confidential loan. Call 312-427-6542 or visit one of our Chicago Pawn Shops.

Silver Spot Prices

Click here to check silver spot prices

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