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The ring pictured above is a 6 "carot" diamond! Now you know! It's available for sale here at Royal. Call 312-427-6542 if you're interested. Or, bring in your diamonds, Royal is the best place in Chicagoland to sell your quality diamonds. We can also give you a loan using diamonds as collateral.

What is a diamond carat? A guide for buying and selling diamonds in Chicago

What's a carat?

A carat is a unit of weight that is used to measure the mass of gem stones and pearls. 1 carat = 200mg. The word "carat" comes to English from the Greek and Arabic words for "carob seeds" Way back when, traders used carob seeds as a balance on their scales when they weighed gold.

The difference between carats and karats

“Carat” is a variation of “karat”. The “carat” refers to gem stones and is a unit of weight, “karat” refers to gold and is a unit of purity. Outside of the US and Canada, the spelling “carat” is used to refer to the purity of gold.

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