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about platinum

Platinum is one of the rarest metals on Earth. It is often traded in ingot, bar or in coin form. 

Jewelry is also made from platinum, containing anywhere from 85% to 95% platinum. Jewelry may be marked as "Pt" or as "Plat". For example, a piece of jewelry containing 90% platinum will be marked, 900 Pt or 900 Plat.

If you're jewelry is simply marked "platinum", it is at least 95% pure (950 Plat).

Other jewelry may also be marked "platinum" if it contains at least 95% of platinum group metals. If this is the case, it must contain at least 50% pure platinum. The other platinum group metals and their percentages must also be marked. These metals may include iridium (Ir or Irid) and Palladium (Pall).

Many name brand luxury watches also offer a platinum model.

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